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Registration Open for Tri-Cities Got Talent – VIRTUAL 2022 CASH AND PRIZES OF $1800+

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Registration Open for Tri-Cities Got Talent – VIRTUAL 2022 CASH AND PRIZES OF $1800+

RULES AND REGULATIONS 2022 Please read carefully. You are responsible for reading and following all rules.

HOW TO ENTER Complete the entry form at the bottom of this page. Entry forms, links AND videos must be completed and received by the Golden Spike Days registration page no later than 11:59pm on June 25, 2022. The Administrator in its sole discretion may accept or refuse to accept entry forms that are late, incomplete or illegible. Please note that Entrants are limited to 35 in total and registration will close when that number has been reached. VIDEO AND LIVE PERFORMANCE ACT REQUIREMENTS TYPE: Contestants may perform any artistic or performance act of up to 4 minutes including setup and take down that is performative or artistic in nature. Performers may dance, sing, juggle, speak, act, read, mime, perform artistic physical acts, may include props and live animals in controlled settings.

ACCEPTABLE: The acts must be within the bounds of good taste, law abiding, in the spirit of general-public all-ages audience entertainment. We reserve the right to stop performances or restrict entrance of performers in advance.


1. There will be live on-stage performances in 2022! for preliminaries, semi and finals competitions. (Subject to Health Authorities)

2. All audition performances will be submitted for judging by video submission to

3. Acceptable formats are .MP4, .FLV, .MOV, .OGG, .WMV, .MPEG. NOTE: Video submissions by YouTube or similar video creation links are preferred and can be linked via the contest entry form online. Cloud based videos must remain accessible and downloadable from first submission until final judging.

4. All performers must be AVAILABLE and prepared to perform LIVE onstage for the Preliminaries, held on Thursday June 30th, Semi-finals on Saturday July 2nd and Finals on Sunday July 3rd.

5. The award winners will be contacted by phone or email as it appears on the registration submission. Prizes can be collected within 30 days of announcement, in person at 2715 Esplanade Ave, Port Moody, BC V3H 3P4. Call first: 604.931.8852. Please provide ID and signature for pickup.



VIDEO CONTENT: A note about video content. Video creations can be challenging. Here are some tips to make a good video. 1. Sound: will be the most important part. Eliminate all un-necessary noises. Get a good mix of music and vocals. Try to keep microphones as close to the source of the sounds as possible. Whatever you want us to judge you on, should be the most important thing we hear or see. 2. Video: Keep the shots as focussed and as tight as possible so we can see what you want us to judge. Test shoot for lighting. Avoid bright backgrounds. Try to light up the subject from several angles to allow the camera to see the subject clearly. Natural lighting is beneficial. Front facing lighting is critical. 3. Rehearse and edit. Take several videos and choose the best one for sounds, focus, lighting. Edit the clip for length. Keep it all 4 minutes or less. Keep any verbal introductions to under 10 seconds. Keep the ending to under 5 seconds after the last performance audible or visual activity.


WHO CAN ENTER Golden Spike Days Tri-Cities' Got Talent is open to legal residents of British Columbia within the ages as set out below. Neither employees of the Golden Spike Days, contract employees, members of the Board of Directors, contractors, and agents of the Golden Spike Days Society' directly involved in the Competition, nor any other persons directly associated with the Competition, nor the immediate families of any of the aforesaid persons or any other person residing in the same Household, are eligible to enter or compete in the Competition.

The 1st-place winner of the Competition will not be eligible to compete in the same age category of any subsequent edition of the Competition or any variation thereof associated with Golden Spike Days Tri-Cities Got Talent. Contestants must be amateur, non-professional performance contestants. The determination of who is an amateur is in the sole discretion of the Administrator and the judges of the Competition. The Administrator or the Judges may refuse to consider any entry from or performance by any person who may be considered by them not to be an amateur or group containing a person who may be considered by them not to be an amateur. For the purpose of the Contest, a person to be considered an amateur must at least meet all of the following criteria: someone who is not nor has ever been a member of a union connected with public artistic performances. someone who does not earn and has not ever earned more than 50 % of his or her annual income from performing. someone who is not a party to a management or booking contract with a professional firm or individual who is paid a fee for securing employment in the entertainment field. someone who does not have a current recording contract with a distribution company. Contestants will compete in one of three age categories. Group acts must compete in the age category of the oldest member of their group. At the final level of the competition, contestants will be judged against each other, regardless of age category. The age categories are specified below: Pre-Teen Category: Contestants must be at least six years of age and not over the age of 12 by June 25, 2022. Youth Category: Contestants must be at least 13 years of age and not over the age of 18 by June 25, 2022. Adult Category: Contestants must be at least 19 years of age by June 25, 2022. Contestants may only enter once, either as an individual performer or as a member of a group. Groups may have no more than Eight (8) members. There are no talent catagories.

PROPS: All props must be inanimate and kept to a minimum. No performances may include the use of machetes, knives, guns or other similar props and the Administrator or the Judges may refuse to accept any entry employing such items. Fire and/or pyrotechnics are not allowed on the stage at any time, nor will such material otherwise be included in a performance.


ACCOMPANIMENT: Accompaniment in any performance must assume the character of true accompaniment. The test shall be whether the act can stand alone without the accompaniment as determined by the Judges in their sole discretion. Without limiting the foregoing, the following shall apply to accompaniment: Vocal performances: Instrumental accompaniment by the person(s) in the act or others is allowed but must assume the pure character of accompaniment. Instrumental back-up music may be used in a playable media format. Limited harmonies or utterances may be used on back-up music. The judges must be able to clearly hear the vocal performer over the backing track and any utterances. Dance performances: Accompanists are permitted on the stage but must not assume visual importance. The accompaniment, whether live or recorded, must not have any taps or tap effects. Instrumental group: Accompaniment is allowed but the backup must assume pure character of the accompaniment in that the contestant must be able to stand alone were the accompaniment removed from the performance. Air bands are not permitted. All persons assuming visual importance in a variety performance (e.g. magicians, jugglers, gymnasts) must meet the age requirements of the specific category.


JUDGING Competitors will be generally judged on the following criteria: Natural ability = out of 20 Stage presence = out of 20 Audience appeal = out of 20 Quality of performance = out of 40 The judges will consist of a panel of persons invited by the Host. The judges will review all entries and invite selected performances from each age category. Judges' determinations once announced are considered final.


ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND / NOTIFICATION OF ADVANCEMENT Four Rounds will be as follows. (You must be available for ALL FOUR ROUNDS)



Video link submission by registration form at Maximum of 35 entrants. 12 will be selected and notified by email to move on to live preliminaries. Cut off midnight June 25th.


Thursday June 30th Preliminaries:

12 contestants will perform live onstage. Nine will be announced on to the semi-finals.


Saturday July 2nd Semi-Finals:

Nine contestants will perform live onstage. Six will be announced on to the finals.


Sunday July 3rd Finals:

Six finalists will perform live onstage.


The 1st place winner will receive the coveted Tri-Cities Got Talent trophy, cash amount $700 (at press time) and prizes TBA, interviewed and then asked to perform again at wrap-up, announced on our website and social media and invited to be a finals judge for next year.


The 2nd place winner will receive a cash amount of $600 (at press time) and prizes and announced on our website and social media.


The 3rd place winner will receive a cash amount or $500 ( at press time) and prizes and announced on our website and social media.


All six finalists will be announced onstage and awarded prizes.


Note that TCGT Organizers plan to have contestants for the initial auditions, the preliminary live round and semifinals compete against other contestants within the age categories where numbers allow. There will be no age categories in the finals. Six Finalists will compete against each other regardless of age.

GENERAL CONDITIONS The Golden Spike Days Society is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Contestants. Contestants grant the Golden Spike Days Society the right to photograph, film, video and/or digitally record their performance at the Golden Spike Days or in conjunction with the Competition for future promotional purposes. All entries and submissions and the content thereof become the sole and exclusive property of the Golden Spike Days Society and may not be returned. The Contestant releases the Golden Spike Days Society and its agents and contractors from any obligation to pay compensation of any kind to the Contestant in consideration for the Golden Spike Days' utilization of the images, likenesses or sounds contained in the live performances or submission and the Contestant waives any rights to any claim for compensation or damages respecting the use of same by the Golden Spike Days. PHOTO AND VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA CONSENT Notwithstanding very unique circumstances that may arise individually which need to be taken into consideration - as a general condition of the Contestant being permitted to compete AND choosing to compete in Competition, each Contestant or legal guardian must sign a video / photo release form which grants permission to the Golden Spike Days Society to use, without compensation of any kind to such contestant, any photograph, audio or video recording or other audio or visual image or recording including digital recordings, or any portion or portions thereof, in such manner as the Golden Spike Days may determine including in any promotions or advertising, and; ii. waives any right to any fee or compensation for any of the aforesaid and; iii. releases the Golden Spike Days Society and its Directors from any loss, damage, injury, or expense which the Contestant may suffer or incur as a result of his or her participation in the Competition, howsoever caused. INDEMNITY OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF A MINOR


All entries must be signed by each performer PRIOR TO AUDITION, provided that any entry from any person under the age of MAJORITY IN BC BEING 19 must also be signed by such minor person's parent or legal guardian PRIOR TO AUDITION consenting to such minor person entering the Competition and acknowledging the consents and waivers and indemnities hereby contained made by such minor person and the Parent/Guardian agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Golden Spike Days Society for any loss, damages, costs, expenses, injury, claims or actions, including solicitors costs, which the Golden Spike Days may suffer or incur by reason of any matter or thing relating to arising from the involvement or participation of the minor person in the Competition.

ADMINISTRATION The Competition will be administered by the Golden Spike Days Society and specifically by such person or persons designated by the Golden Spike Days Society for such purpose from time to time.


The Golden Spike Days Society reserves the right to make any final decisions on all matters not covered by these rules and regulations, as well as the right to change, alter and/or rearrange parts or all of these competition rules and regulations at any time.



Q: Why are there not age divisions at the final level?

A: Once competitors make it to the finals, the level of talent is high enough that contestants can compete against each other regardless of age. Many times, a younger performer has won the competition.

Q: Do singers compete against singers, Dancers against dancers and so on?

A: In the auditions and semi-finals, the contest is divided into age divisions rather than talent categories. Within the age division there will be different types of talent competing against each other. In the finals, contestants compete against each other regardless of age or category.

Q: How many can be in a group?

A: Group size is limited to eight (8) people.

Q: Does it cost anything to enter?

A: No. It does not cost anything to enter. But you are required to pay all your own expenses. The Golden Spike Days Society is not responsible for any expenses incurred by contestants.

Q: Where can I get an entry form? A: You can enter online with an entry form at

Q: What is the deadline for all entries?

A: All submissions must be received no later than 11:59pm on June 25, 2022.

Q: What if there's a change to my original entry information or one of my band members changes? A: Email us the details of the changes so that we can re-assess if necessary.

Q: Do I have to perform the same act all the way through to the Finals?

A: No. But go with your best stuff right from the start!

Q: What if my performance goes over the 4-minute time limit?

A: If your performance is over the time limit you may be disqualified. Practice your times.

Q: What kind of songs can I perform?

A: You can perform any song you wish: original, cover songs or songs in another language. Keep in mind that song selection is very important. When choosing a Song to perform, make sure it suits your style and make sure you are comfortable performing it. Pop, rock, country, rap or jazz - it doesn't matter as long as you feel confident performing it. Note that profanity or racist lyrics are NOT permitted.

Q: I'm a solo singer. Can my back-up music have vocals?

A: Limited harmonies or utterances may be used on back-up music. The judges must be able to clearly hear the vocal performer over the backing track and any utterances.

Q: Backtracks: Do you know how or what type of music has limited harmonies or utterances? Or can I remove the vocals, harmonies and utterances from the background music?

A: Vocals, harmonies and utterances cannot be removed completely from a recording. You will have to use Karaoke versions or instrumental versions. Alternatively, you could use a live accompanist. A music device that you have tested or any device with an output jack (e.g. iPod, Android phone or iPhone) may also be used. Please turn all phones to airplane mode prior to the competition. The performance of the band or soloists must be predominantly live.

Q: Will you let me know when you receive my entry?

A: Yes by email auto reply as soon as possible.

Q: How and when will I know if I've made it or not made it to the next level?

A: We will contact you by email within 24 hours of your performance. If you don’t make it through, we welcome and encourage you to try again next year!

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