Hello and welcome!  I'm excited that YOU are deciding to showcase your BEST stuff to us at the TRI-CITIES GOT TALENT at the Golden Spike Days Festival at Rocky Point Park this year!  We are having a great response to our call-out to all talented people, younger and older, singers magicians, jugglers, dancers, musicians, comics and more at http://www.goldenspike.ca/tricitiesgottalent


We welcome your attendance and we are ready for you!


"If you are registered make sure you show up early and be among the first up!"


For auditions - We have the MAIN STAGE AT ROCKY POINT PARK (see times on the website) We have over 30 contestants. Therefore we will accept all performers based on those that show up first.




Please read our FAQ and Rules 






VIDEO AND PICTURE RELEASE FORM /  PARENT GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM:  Parent Guardian Photo Release and Consent Form.pdf must be signed.


ARE YOU UNDER 19?  You will need to have a Guardian/Parent sign a waiver and Photo Release Waiver  if you are under 19 AND not accompanied by a guardian.  Download the form above and fill it out and bring it in. 


It may take awhile to get you through so please bring water and a book. You can rehearse in the main stage tent or out in the park backstage if you wish.  


Make sure to bring friends and family, seating is great and hey! - YOU are on stage!


Attendance for non performers is welcome.  



TIMES ARE TIGHT: Be ready to go... Your name will be called as next up and we will give you time to give us your music to get to the sound operator at the back of the theatre, get a brief interview PLUS FOUR MINUTES to be on stage.  This includes setup and take down.  


If you have pre-recorded music, load it to an ipod or mobile phone or MP3 player.  If you are using a phone for the music make sure you switch to AIRPLANE MODE.  


Make sure you TEST your music in advance.


Your playing device will be handed to the sound technician PRIOR to the performance.  Come get it when you are done.


We plan to have NINE contestants move on after this audition with at least one from each age group. PRE-TEENS: Contestants who are 5 to 12 years of age.  YOUTH: Contestants who are 13 to 18 years of age.,  ADULTS: Contestants who are 19 years of age or older.  All ages as of THE DAY PRIOR TO AUDITIONS.   We will also have three backup contestants, one from each age group.   If accepted to the semi finals, we will contact you by email provided on the form.


Be prepared if selected, to attend the Semi-Finals and FINALS all at the main stage at Rocky Point Park.


We have more cash and prizes for the top three winners.


Tom Mac Donald, and Amanda Lau, Co-Directors and Organizers of TriCities Got Talent!  It's A Family Affair!