Fun for the whole family!

Wesgroup Family Zone


The Laughing Loggers


This is an explosive show that erupts into a frenzy of lumberjack action from pole climbing to log rolling, chainsawing, wood chopping, stunts and hot sawing!  Action, humour, and enough to keep all on the edge of their seats for 40 minutes! 



Yukon Dan's Gold Panning

Come check out Yukon Dan's Gold Panning where Dan will teach children and adult alike the finer points of panning for gold. Finder's Keepers!

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The Salish Sea Research and Education Society is a platform for post-secondary research which also provides opportunity for K-12 students and the community to learn from current research projects, experience the flora and fauna of the ocean, and make discoveries of their own about the marine ecosystem.


Do You Have a Chicken Curiosity? Well, we can help with that . . . Discover and experience BC chicken farmers’ entertaining and educating BC Poultry in Motion™ Educational Mini Barn with real live chickens!


Public Art Project

Create your own unique Canada Day artwork using the natural elements of picturesque Rocky Point Park. Participants will have the use of our stencils to search for colourful textures to act as background patterns for their pictures. Use your cell phone to photograph the fleeting images which you can email back to us and submit to our upcoming online exhibition.

Lego Building presented by VLC


"The VLC is Vancouver’s Community for Adult Fan’s of LEGO®. We are a diverse community of like-minded LEGO® enthusiasts, who love to collect, build and discuss all things LEGO®. The group promotes our shared our obsession with that little plastic brick through LEGO® based activities and builds at public events,  displays and museums."

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Fun for all ages!

Bouncy Castle

Salish Sea Research & Education Society
Touch Pool.